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techBUZZ: Jaswig Standing Desk

Do you work long hours at your computer? Do you work from home? Are you SICK of sitting down all the time while you work? If so, you have got to get yourself one of these standing desks. I love my standing desk and use it daily.

TOP FEATURE: ALL WOOD STYLE - I've been shopping for a standing desk for quite a while, so when I saw this JASWIG standing desk, I decided to give it a try. Made entirely of wood (except for the hardware, of course), this desk is sturdy and low tech.

TOP FEATURE: COMFORTABLE - It adjusts to just the right height for comfortable work levels.

TOP FEATURE: INGENIOUS DESIGN - The ingenious design allows you to raise or lower the desktop height via a track system built into the wood. The desk is sturdy and not wobbly or top heavy. And I love that it is made in the USA!

The desk was a bit difficult to put together, and took about 40 minutes to assemble by myself. The instructions were easy to follow, but it was difficult at times to get the bolts to seat correctly, and took a bit of manipulation to get right.

This desk is a great addition to my office. It allows me to stand up frequently, which makes a big difference in the comfort level of my work days.

toolBUZZ: Black & Decker BD2KITCDDCS 20V MAX Drill/Driver Circular Saw Combo Kit

We used this Black and Decker driver/drill & saw combo kit to put down a new Pergo floor in the kitchen and it performed very well.

TOP FEATURE: CORDLESS - There were lots of cuts to be made and the cordless saw did a perfect job - with no cords in the way!

TOP FEATURE: VERSATILE - The driver works well for all sorts of jobs. I've used it for putting new hardware on the cupboards and for putting metal trim down on the floor.

TOP FEATURE: LONG BATTERY LIFE - Both items hold a charge for quite a while.

techBUZZ: TP-Link AC1200 Wi-Fi Range Extender

TOP FEATURE: EASY SETUP - This was a snap to set up! I had it up and running in just minutes.

TOP FEATURE: GOOD RANGE - I placed the extender inside our home near and outer wall in order to provide wifi access to our outdoor kitchen and patio area, which sits 20 feet away from the outlet that I plugged the extender into. The TP-Link AC1200 extender works like a charm to provide myself and my guests with access to our wifi network from the comfort of out outdoor entertaining area.

styleBUZZ: Armitron Sport Watch

TOP FEATURE: GOOD LOOKING - This Armitron Sport watch is a very attractive men's watch. The rose gold accents and black body and band really look great together.

TOP FEATURE: FEATURE HEAVY - Not only does this watch look great, but it's loaded with features. This watch has all the bells & whistles: analog time, digital time, 100 year calendar, 24 hour alarms, hourly chime, chronograph mode, countdown timer, second time zone setting, pacer, military time option, electroluminescent display.

TOP FEATURE: WATER RESISTANT - It's also water resistant to 330 ft and has a stainless steel back.

coolBUZZ: Chill Bag

Okay, so this isn't tech or books, but it is just so COOL, I mean CHILL, that I had to let you know about it.

TOP FEATURE: ENORMOUS SIZE - This Chill Sack bean bag gets huge! After unpacking, it grows like crazy. It is super comfortable for lounging and watching tv or reading. And it's a great spot for a comfy nap.

TOP FEATURE: EASY TO CLEAN - The included removable cover is a great idea. It can be removed and cleaned when needed. This would be a great addition to any kids room or family room.

techBUZZ: Winix NK100 Tower Air Cleaner

TOP FEATURE: TURBO POWER - Wow!! This Winix NK100 Tower Air Cleaner air purifier is just what I've been needing! It has a turbo setting to clean "bad" air fast! I have extreme allergies, which are worse this time of year, and this Winix air purifier has really seemed to decrease the severity of my allergies.

TOP FEATURE: FOUR STAGE FILTER - The four-stage filter filters out 99.97% of bacteria, pet dander, mold spores, smoke, pollen, dust, household odors and even chemical vapors!

TOP FEATURE: AIR QUALITY SENSOR - It has an auto function, which monitors the quality of the air and decreases or increases the fan speed accordingly. How cool is that? You can just set it on auto and forget about it! There is even LED light to indicate the quality of your air visually (green is good, amber is fair, red is poor).

coffeeBUZZ: BELLA LINEA Collection 12 Cup Programmable Coffee Maker

TOP FEATURE: GOOD LOOKS - Have you ever seen a stylish coffee maker? I haven't. They're usually quite ugly. But this BELLA LINEA Collection 12 Cup Programmable Coffee Maker looks great and performs even better. The chrome and red look and the stylish design earned it a prominent place on my countertop, instead of tucked off in a corner. And it makes good coffee too.

TOP FEATURE: PROGRAMMABLE RICHNESS - It's programmable, able to produce three "styles" of coffee: regular, gourmet and bold. You're also able to program the coffeemaker to produce coffee at a designated time. And, there's a 1-4 cup option. It also comes with a measuring scoop.

All around, this is a great looking coffeemaker that makes a nice cup of coffee.

beautifulBUZZ: Enbrighten Café LED String Lights, 12-Foot Strand

TOP FEATURE: GORGEOUS - These Enbrighten Café LED String Lights deserve ten stars. These are gorgeous outdoor lights. They look fantastic in our outdoor kitchen.
TOP FEATURE: STURDY - The acrylic bulbs are sturdy and seem virtually unbreakable with normal use. I dropped the string while I was hanging it and the bulbs were unharmed.
TOP FEATURE: GOOD LIGHTING - The string of lights puts out a nice amount of light- not too bright and not too dim. They provide a nice soft glow to the outdoor environment.
TOP FEATURE: QUALITY - The lights are made with quality materials, including heavy-duty outdoor wiring. Each light has a small tab attached for hanging, making it easy to get them to stay just where you want them. Separate strings can be joined together and the end plug has an attached cover to keep moisture and debris out when not in use. Plus, they're LEDs so they do not use much electricity and they NEVER get hot to the touch.
We will definitely be buying more of these as we finish outfitting our outdoor kitchen.

techBUZZ - BLU VIVO 5 Smartphone 4G

TOP FEATURE: GORGEOUS - This is a beautiful smartphone, and I am very disappointed that it does not work with the Verizon cell service in my area. Still, even without cell service, this smartphone has lots of great features. It works great as an internet-only device: surfing, music, photos, Google account, audio books, ebooks, the works...
TOP FEATURE: LOADED - Vivo 5 is loaded with great features: GORGEOUS 5.5 LED HD display, Octa Core 1.3 GHz 64-bit processor, 13 MP main camera, 5 MP selfie camera, 3 GB RAM, 32 GB internal memory. The display really IS gorgeous. The colors are bright and vivid and really pop! And thanks to the 64-bit processor, the phone surfs wi-fi very fast and has no problems with streaming video or music.
Vivo 5 came loaded with Android 5.1 Lollipop OS, which offers a slick, fast interface and (of course) plenty of great apps to download.
Really, there's nothing I don't love about this phone! Highly recommended (especially if you DON"T have Verizon cell service).
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