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Cover Reveal: DEEP DOWN by Janean Worth

The new cover for DEEP DOWN is ready!

DEEP DOWN is a brand new Suspense/Thriller novel by author Janean Worth.

An all-new series with an all-new hero! Sam Stone will take your breath away.

Deep down, six hundred and forty feet underground, danger lurks...

bookBUZZ: MInd Mods is free for Kindle, Nook, iBooks and Kobo

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Someone is modifying the minds of gifted teens - against their will.

Julie tries to be just a regular girl, despite the fact that her mom is a drug addict. She goes to school, she goes to work and she's got great plans for the future.

But, someone on the faculty at Julie's school for the gifted wants her to be different. In fact, they want all of the students to be different. And they intend to modify the minds of their students in an illegal and unsanctioned experiment in order to make them change.

bookBuzz: Infected by Janean Worth

When everyone else is infected, it's dangerous to know the cure...

Julie thought that everything was going to be fine. She'd thought they were all safe now. But she'd been wrong.

When a careless action destroys the only device that can be used to eradicate the nanobots that are infecting the city's teens, a military quarantine is put into effect to try to control the quickly spreading contagion, and Julie must once again fight for the lives of those she loves.

But Julie has an unseen enemy who seeks to keep the contagion alive and growing. And he'll do anything to prevent Julie from revealing the cure. Anything...

Infected is now available at Amazon

Guest Blogger, Janean Worth: Nanobots... A New Trend?

Lately, it seems as if movie makers and TV show writers cannot get enough of nanobots. In the last few months, I've seen them play a role on episodes of Intelligence, Almost Human, Revolution and they even played a part in the newly released-to-DVD movie G. I. Joe: Retaliation.

So, what's so great about nanobots, and why is everyone using them in fiction these days? Well, first, nanobots are invisible to the naked eye. So, by their very nature, they can be ANYWHERE and no one would notice (well, not unless you have a microscope strapped to your face). This allows them to be put into all sorts of interesting situations.

Need a few hundred invisible assassins? Nanobots are your "guys"! This use for nanobots was featured in the 2014 episode of Intelligence, "Size Matters".

Need a face lift, but you don't want to go under the surgeon's knife? Again, nanobots to the rescue. Let them internally transform your face so that you can look like someone else. It won't feel good, but, hey, the results can't be beat. This use for nanobots was employed in G. I. Joe: Retaliation so that the villain could look exactly like the President.

Need to kill the power for the entire planet? Just release a host of nanobots, and you've got it. Broken technology everywhere, no power, and a bunch of people scrambling to be able to use their latte machines again. Recognize that plot? If not, go watch a couple seasons of Revolution.

I have to admit, the recent proliferation of movies and TV show episodes about nanobots makes me feel as if I was a bit ahead of the curve when I wrote Mind Mods. In my book, nanobots are forced upon students at a school for the gifted. The teachers want better students who produce better results. They want kids who do the right thing, even if they don't want to. However, even programmed nanobots can be unpredictable when introduced into the teenaged mind, so what the "mad scientists" get when they try to mod the minds of their teen students isn't necessarily their desired result. In Mind Mods, nanobots create mass confusion, psychotic episodes and out of control teens - what more could you ask for from invisible, mind-controlling, face-changing, power-thieving microscopic assassins?

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