beautifulBUZZ: Enbrighten Café LED String Lights, 12-Foot Strand

TOP FEATURE: GORGEOUS - These Enbrighten Café LED String Lights deserve ten stars. These are gorgeous outdoor lights. They look fantastic in our outdoor kitchen.
TOP FEATURE: STURDY - The acrylic bulbs are sturdy and seem virtually unbreakable with normal use. I dropped the string while I was hanging it and the bulbs were unharmed.
TOP FEATURE: GOOD LIGHTING - The string of lights puts out a nice amount of light- not too bright and not too dim. They provide a nice soft glow to the outdoor environment.
TOP FEATURE: QUALITY - The lights are made with quality materials, including heavy-duty outdoor wiring. Each light has a small tab attached for hanging, making it easy to get them to stay just where you want them. Separate strings can be joined together and the end plug has an attached cover to keep moisture and debris out when not in use. Plus, they're LEDs so they do not use much electricity and they NEVER get hot to the touch.
We will definitely be buying more of these as we finish outfitting our outdoor kitchen.