gardenBUZZ:AeroGarden Harvest

TOP FEATURE: EASY - I love this AeroGarden! All you need to do to grow beautiful plants from seed is plug in the AeroGarden, pop in the pre-seeded pods, fill the reservoir with water, set the settings and forget about it (if you can, but this might just be the most difficult part, because it is hard not to keep peeking, waiting for the seeds to sprout). The Aerogarden does the rest.

TOP FEATURE: FRESH HERBS - Grow herbs, vegetables, even flowers, anywhere in your home within reach of an electric receptacle. No more worrying about light levels high enough to grow the plants you would like to grow. And there really is no fussing with the device. Just set the settings and check the machine every once in a while to make sure the water level is right. The lights can be set to turn on and off on a schedule (tailored to the type of plant you're growing) and the nutrient reminder will let you know when to add more nutrients. As the plants grow, you also may need to do a little pruning and adjust the height of the lights.

TOP FEATURE: HANDY PODS - The pods are labeled with the name of the plant and the growth height, so you know exactly where to place them in the AeroGarden. The pods also state how long the seeds will take to sprout.

My first pod kit contained herbs, but I can't wait to try the tomato pods or the salad pods. I'm looking forward to growing salad through the winter months. I plan to invest in a few more AeroGardens: one for starting seeds for my summer garden and another one to grow fresh flowers anywhere in the house (no window required!!)