techBUZZ: LIR MR160 Imaging Moisture Meter

TOP FEATURE: FIND HIDDEN LEAKS EASILY - This FLIR meter is very handy to have if you're looking to find a hidden leak. The thermal camera picks up cool spots (which would be evidence of evaporation where there was water) and shows them in blue. If you've been looking for a hidden leak, but don't want to tear out chunks of your wall to find it, this would be the tool for you.

TOP FEATURE: FIND COLD AIR LEAKS EASILY - I also successfully used it to find spots where cold air was leaking into the house near windows during a recent cold snap. The cold air showed up clearly on the meter.

TOP FEATURE: THERMAL IMAGING PHOTO - The meter also takes photos of the thermal images, which can be very useful in providing data for comparison between one day and the next (for instance, the meter makes it easy to take snapshots of your basement on a dry day, and then, after a rain, these photos can be used to compare to current readings, pointing out rain-related leaks.) It is also possible to take moisture readings right directly from an area.

TOP FEATURE: LASER POINTER - The laser pointer makes it easy to pinpoint exactly where on the wall the thermal camera is picking up readings, too. And the included software allows you to keep data for later comparison, making this an ideal tool for anyone who may have more than one property that they manage.