techBUZZ: Jaswig Standing Desk

Do you work long hours at your computer? Do you work from home? Are you SICK of sitting down all the time while you work? If so, you have got to get yourself one of these standing desks. I love my standing desk and use it daily.

TOP FEATURE: ALL WOOD STYLE - I've been shopping for a standing desk for quite a while, so when I saw this JASWIG standing desk, I decided to give it a try. Made entirely of wood (except for the hardware, of course), this desk is sturdy and low tech.

TOP FEATURE: COMFORTABLE - It adjusts to just the right height for comfortable work levels.

TOP FEATURE: INGENIOUS DESIGN - The ingenious design allows you to raise or lower the desktop height via a track system built into the wood. The desk is sturdy and not wobbly or top heavy. And I love that it is made in the USA!

The desk was a bit difficult to put together, and took about 40 minutes to assemble by myself. The instructions were easy to follow, but it was difficult at times to get the bolts to seat correctly, and took a bit of manipulation to get right.

This desk is a great addition to my office. It allows me to stand up frequently, which makes a big difference in the comfort level of my work days.