cleanBUZZ: BISSELL® Pet Hair Eraser® Upright Vacuum | 1650A

TOP FEATURE: TURBO ERASER - The turbo eraser on the BISSELL® Pet Hair Eraser® Upright Vacuum works great! It got almost all of the cat hair off of the couch. It can't quite get everything on soft pillowy surfaces but it did a pretty good job.

TOP FEATURE: REMOVES PET HAIR - The brush head on the vacuum cleaner removed lots of cat hair out of the carpet. When used on the bare floor, it vacuumed up all the cat litter that the cats had flung out of their box.

TOP FEATURE: LIGHTED CREVICE TOOL - The crevice tool has an LED light on the end so you can see what you're vacuuming, a great feature when vacuuming in dim areas. The crevice tool easily vacuumed hair out of the cat tower corners, kitty litter along the baseboards and food crumbs under the kitchen cabinets.

I think the bare floor setting on the vacuum was just average. It throws a bit of dirt around when using that setting, so you can tell it doesn't vacuum up everything in its path.

Still, this is a fantastic vacuum cleaner for pet owners. It really cuts down on the effort involved in cleaning up pet hair and pet messes around the home.