techBUZZ: Winix NK100 Tower Air Cleaner

TOP FEATURE: TURBO POWER - Wow!! This Winix NK100 Tower Air Cleaner air purifier is just what I've been needing! It has a turbo setting to clean "bad" air fast! I have extreme allergies, which are worse this time of year, and this Winix air purifier has really seemed to decrease the severity of my allergies.

TOP FEATURE: FOUR STAGE FILTER - The four-stage filter filters out 99.97% of bacteria, pet dander, mold spores, smoke, pollen, dust, household odors and even chemical vapors!

TOP FEATURE: AIR QUALITY SENSOR - It has an auto function, which monitors the quality of the air and decreases or increases the fan speed accordingly. How cool is that? You can just set it on auto and forget about it! There is even LED light to indicate the quality of your air visually (green is good, amber is fair, red is poor).