technologyBUZZ: DROID 2

I switched from a Blackberry to a DROID 2 recently, and I'm loving the DROID 2 . It does everything that my Blackberry used to do, and then some! DROID 2 does email - only better. DROID 2 does social media. DROID 2 loads faster in the browser and has an incredible speech to text feature that works right out of the box (without training it to your voice)!

Android phones come with Swype, which is fun to learn for fast texting, and even easier to get addicted to. Even the way that the emergency contacts are set up on the Android OS just makes - if you use security with your screen lock, the emergency contacts show up right from the locked screen! (Now, that just makes sense, doesn't it?) The QWERTY keyboard is good quality and large enough to get some good texting speed out of if you want to use it instead of Swype. The phone itself is made well, with good quality components. The camera takes great photos and video. So far, I've only had a few "glitches" to complain about. For instance, the DROID 2 has completely lost the connection to my email accounts twice, and no amount of reapplying the settings has fixed the problem. The fix required completely deleting the accounts(s) and starting over. So far, the DROID 2 has exceeded my expectations. If you get one, I think you'll like it too.

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