techBUZZ: Altec Lansing Mini H2O Bluetooth speaker

TOP FEATURE: BIG SOUND - The little Altec Lansing Mini H2O Bluetooth speaker sounds great and has enough volume to be easily heard across a large room!

TOP FEATURE: SUPER PORTABLE - The small size makes it highly portable. It's so small, you can easily tuck it into your bag or even a pocket!

TOP FEATURE: FAST CONNECTION - It connect quickly via Blutooth and it powers itself off after being disconnected, which really saves battery power.

There is a even sturdy place to attach a lanyard too.

cleanBUZZ: BISSELL® Pet Hair Eraser® Upright Vacuum | 1650A

TOP FEATURE: TURBO ERASER - The turbo eraser on the BISSELL® Pet Hair Eraser® Upright Vacuum works great! It got almost all of the cat hair off of the couch. It can't quite get everything on soft pillowy surfaces but it did a pretty good job.

TOP FEATURE: REMOVES PET HAIR - The brush head on the vacuum cleaner removed lots of cat hair out of the carpet. When used on the bare floor, it vacuumed up all the cat litter that the cats had flung out of their box.

TOP FEATURE: LIGHTED CREVICE TOOL - The crevice tool has an LED light on the end so you can see what you're vacuuming, a great feature when vacuuming in dim areas. The crevice tool easily vacuumed hair out of the cat tower corners, kitty litter along the baseboards and food crumbs under the kitchen cabinets.

I think the bare floor setting on the vacuum was just average. It throws a bit of dirt around when using that setting, so you can tell it doesn't vacuum up everything in its path.

Still, this is a fantastic vacuum cleaner for pet owners. It really cuts down on the effort involved in cleaning up pet hair and pet messes around the home.

techBUZZ: Seagate Backup Plus Slim 1TB Portable External Hard Drive for Mac USB 3.0

TOP FEATURE: LARGE CAPACITY - This Seagate ultra-slim external drive doesn't take up much room physically, but its 1 TB size holds plenty.

TOP FEATURE: SUPER PORTABLE - The drive is easy to bring along in a backpack or purse, and its light weight makes it even more portable.

TOP FEATURE: EASY BACKUPS - It truly is plug-and-play as a backup drive on your Mac computer. Just plug in, choose the disk as the backup drive in the Time Machine prefs, and it starts the backup. NO further set up is required. Instructions are also included for Windows compatibility.

TOP FEATURE: GREAT LOOKS - The drive has an attractive aluminum top and a black plastic bottom, and measures only 12.1mm in width! The connection cable (which is compatible with both USB 3.0 and USB 2.0) is included.

securityBUZZ: SABRE HS-GA2 Wireless Window Glass Break & Vibration Detector Alarm with Security Warning Decal

TOP FEATURE: LOW COST - For a small, inexpensive security device, these SABRE HS-GA2 Wireless Window Glass Break & Vibration Detector Alarm with Security Warning Decal are hard to beat.

TOP FEATURE: EASY - They are super easy to install-just peel and stick- and the bright red security sticker on the back acts as an extra security feature.

TOP FEATURE: SMALL SIZE - The devices are not large, so they don't take up a lot of window real estate. They can be turned off and turned on easily using the small slider switch in the side. I placed one in the window of the back door and only turn it on at night. It easily picks up the motion of the door opening.

The alarm is high pitched and annoying, but not incredibly loud. And the alarms themselves are fairly sensitive in the "high" setting. The alarms also have a "low" setting.

All around, these are a good addition to other security systems or a great start if you're just beginning to make your home more secure.

techBUZZ: Gigastone Flash Drive

I have been wanting an easy way to back up my photos from my iPhone and this neat little device does the trick!

TOP FEATURE: PORTABLE - It's very small and can be carried virtually anywhere - even in your pocket if desired.

TOP FEATURE: PROTECTED CONNECTOR - And, thanks to the hinged protective caps for both the lighting connector and the USB, you don't have to worry about damage or debris.

I have a little over 3500 photos on my phone, and it took about 30 minutes for them to be backed up to the Gigastone. It also devoured my battery during that time. My power level went from 76% to 1%, at which point I had to cancel the backup, remove the Gigastone and plug into a power source. However, resuming the backup was super easy after my phone was charged again. It picked right up where it left off.

The Gigastone requires apps to work - but finding and downloading them is easy because the device has a pop up message regarding the apps and a handy link that opens the Apps Store. The apps do not cost extra.

The Gigastone is a fantastic little backup drive in a super small package. If you're looking for a quick way to backup your iOS device data/photos/movies/music or you're just looking for a way to gain extra storage space for an iOS device, the Gigastone is something that you should consider buying.

techBuzz: ExoLens Case for iPhone

TOP FEATURE: VIBRANT PHOTOS - This lens kit makes a huge difference in the quality of the photos taken with an iPhone 6. Take better, closer more vibrant photos easily! Just screw the lens you want to use into the case for an instant upgrade to your iPhone.

TOP FEATURE: PROTECTIVE POUCH - The case offers fairly good protection for your phone, and the lens set comes with a handy carrying case with a zip-up closure and foam inserts to keep them safe and secure when they're not being used.

If you take a lot of photos, then you'll defines want to try this lens lot for yourself.

techBUZZ: LIR MR160 Imaging Moisture Meter

TOP FEATURE: FIND HIDDEN LEAKS EASILY - This FLIR meter is very handy to have if you're looking to find a hidden leak. The thermal camera picks up cool spots (which would be evidence of evaporation where there was water) and shows them in blue. If you've been looking for a hidden leak, but don't want to tear out chunks of your wall to find it, this would be the tool for you.

TOP FEATURE: FIND COLD AIR LEAKS EASILY - I also successfully used it to find spots where cold air was leaking into the house near windows during a recent cold snap. The cold air showed up clearly on the meter.

TOP FEATURE: THERMAL IMAGING PHOTO - The meter also takes photos of the thermal images, which can be very useful in providing data for comparison between one day and the next (for instance, the meter makes it easy to take snapshots of your basement on a dry day, and then, after a rain, these photos can be used to compare to current readings, pointing out rain-related leaks.) It is also possible to take moisture readings right directly from an area.

TOP FEATURE: LASER POINTER - The laser pointer makes it easy to pinpoint exactly where on the wall the thermal camera is picking up readings, too. And the included software allows you to keep data for later comparison, making this an ideal tool for anyone who may have more than one property that they manage.

gardenBUZZ:AeroGarden Harvest

TOP FEATURE: EASY - I love this AeroGarden! All you need to do to grow beautiful plants from seed is plug in the AeroGarden, pop in the pre-seeded pods, fill the reservoir with water, set the settings and forget about it (if you can, but this might just be the most difficult part, because it is hard not to keep peeking, waiting for the seeds to sprout). The Aerogarden does the rest.

TOP FEATURE: FRESH HERBS - Grow herbs, vegetables, even flowers, anywhere in your home within reach of an electric receptacle. No more worrying about light levels high enough to grow the plants you would like to grow. And there really is no fussing with the device. Just set the settings and check the machine every once in a while to make sure the water level is right. The lights can be set to turn on and off on a schedule (tailored to the type of plant you're growing) and the nutrient reminder will let you know when to add more nutrients. As the plants grow, you also may need to do a little pruning and adjust the height of the lights.

TOP FEATURE: HANDY PODS - The pods are labeled with the name of the plant and the growth height, so you know exactly where to place them in the AeroGarden. The pods also state how long the seeds will take to sprout.

My first pod kit contained herbs, but I can't wait to try the tomato pods or the salad pods. I'm looking forward to growing salad through the winter months. I plan to invest in a few more AeroGardens: one for starting seeds for my summer garden and another one to grow fresh flowers anywhere in the house (no window required!!)

bookBUZZ: DEEP DOWN by Janean Worth

The new cover for DEEP DOWN is ready!

DEEP DOWN is a brand new Suspense/Thriller novel by author Janean Worth.

An all-new series with an all-new hero! Sam Stone will take your breath away.

Deep down, six hundred and forty feet underground, danger lurks...

bookBUZZ - The Stem of Time

The Stem of Time is a quick, fast, fun read.

Jillian is a scientist, determined to cure cancer, and she has the brains to do it, she just doesn't have the time. In order to make more time, she invents a time stem, enabling her to slow time and allow her to do the work of five people. But, she never expected the consequences this could have: she draws the unwanted attention of the Council, has an assassin sent after her, a bounty placed on her head and gains a new husband, whom she's never met. And all she wanted to do was to cure cancer.

For an inexpensive read, I think you'll like it. This book for Kindle is only $0.99 at Amazon. Available as an ebook for Kindle only.

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